Health Ranger update: Water filter tests, prepper mistakes and a new online course for enhanced brain function

Friday, October 09, 2015 by

Here’s an update on what’s happening here at Natural News. It’s been a remarkable year of growth and expansion, with anywhere from 500 – 1000 new readers joining us every day. Because of this increased support, we’ve been able to invest in some amazing new projects.

First off, the final testing of gravity water filters (Berkey, Pro Pur, etc.) was delayed by nearly two weeks due to a lab equipment problem. Our autosampler flaked out and had to get replaced with a new one. That new autosampler just arrived yesterday, and I’m performing the installation and calibration this weekend. If all goes well, we should be able to finish the ICP-MS run shortly, and we could have results published this coming week.

These tests will show the actual heavy metals removal performance of the most popular gravity water filters. I can tell you right now, however, that ceramic filters perform very poorly at removing heavy metals. Only those filters which contain additional elements — often called “fluoride filters” or “arsenic filters” — remove heavy metals effectively. ProPur’s new “All-in-one” filters are the last item we need to test. We’ve already prepped the samples from it; we just need to complete the lab run. Will it perform as well as the Berkey fluoride filters we tested? I have no idea, but we’ll let the lab results speak for themselves…

New round of donations to be announced shortly!

Thanks to all the amazing support from our readers, we have acquired enough extra funds to make substantial donations to a number of good causes.

Within the next week (or two at the most), you’ll see us announce a round of donations to these important causes. This is our way of giving back to the holistic living community and promoting everything from organic agriculture to honest food labeling.

Natural Genius program launched (beta)

We’ve just pre-launched a new FREE audio course called “Natural Genius” where I teach a collection of powerful secrets for how to radically enhance your brain power, memory and creative potential.

If you’ve felt your memory slipping or think you might have diminished brain function, this course is a no-brainer… er… actually a PRO-brainer!

The entire course is available now at:

The “official” announcement is coming soon, but you can start listening to it today!

Don’t miss out on the free Pandemic Preparedness course at!

Right now, I am absolutely convinced that a global pandemic is a far greater threat to us all than more long-term risks like an EMP attack or power grid failure. That’s why I’ve urgently put together this FREE multi-part preparedness course that’s an absolute must-listen.

Go to and start listening now. You’ll learn the truth about medical quarantines, martial law preparedness, which herbs have anti-viral potential, how to stop suppressing your immune system, how to prepare for social panic and much more. This is an extremely valuable course with information that will help save countless lives during any pandemic outbreak.

So far, over 1 million people have visited the site, and more new chapters will be posted this coming week. Almost everything I predicted in the first few chapters of the course — medical martial law, quarantines, food shortages, etc. — has already come true in Sierra Leone and Liberia.

Coming soon from the Health Ranger: FREE audio course covering “prepping mistakes”

Because we are having so much success with this free audio course format, I’m also rolling out another course called “Prepper Mistakes” which covers all the most common mistakes preppers make, offering practical solutions for resolving those mistakes.

For example, a classic prepper mistake is buying lots of fancy gear while having zero practice using all that gear. We cover solutions for that and try to emphasize skills more than mere gear.

Here’s another classic mistake made by preppers who live in cities and suburbs: thinking that “bugging out” means driving to the woods and having an extended camping experience. In truth, bugging out during a crisis is nothing like camping, so we cover all the reasons why and explain practical steps you’ll want to consider as you possibly revise your bug out plans.

Most of the prepping plans I’ve seen from city-dwellers are entirely inadequate, and most won’t even make it out of the city in a real crisis. This course is designed to increase your knowledge and practical experience, giving you a substantial advantage in any preparedness or survival scenario.

The truth about what’s coming from the world

All this and much more is coming soon from Natural News! Thank you for your ongoing support, and remember that no matter what the world throws your way, Natural News will be among the very best online resources to stay informed and stay safe.

I anticipate that in the next 1-2 years, we are all going to be facing a global financial crisis in addition to the global pandemic outbreak already upon us. In the U.S., we are also likely to be facing a social / cultural crisis if amnesty is declared, displacing millions of existing U.S. low wage workers. This could very easily lead to social unrest, protests, riots and worse.

This is a time during which we all need to shore up our safety nets, create personal financial buffers, diversify our assets and take every precaution necessary to ensure the safety of our own homes and communities. Be prepared for a lot of changes to be heading our way in the coming months…


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