These everyday items make handy survival and prepping gear

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( They may not seem like it, but you have a host of items at your fingertips right now that will come in extremely handy in any survival situation, should SHTF and society suffer a temporary or long-term breakdown.

“Our homes, cars, offices and even dustbins are full of stuff that we barely give a second glance to. Many of those items are multi-purpose and can be used for prepping and/or in situations where our survival is challenged,” notes Underground Medic, via NaturalNews. “Being able to adapt and use regular everyday items that you have around you is an important skill and can make a real difference to you chances of survival.”

It’s a fact that large cities will, of course, become much more dangerous than a rural retreat, but what’s also true is that many people will still not leave the city, mostly because they just don’t have anywhere else to go. Others will stay to protect friends, family and relatives who cannot bugout.

But those who do stay will actually have quite a bit of materials at their disposal – everyday stuff – that will help them survive if they can access them.

Here are some of those items:

Bra: We know what they’re normally used for, but if cut them in half, each cup can be used to help filter particulate matter.

Tampons/Sanitary napkins: These items can be used as tinder for a fire after fluffing them up, or intact, as absorbent bandages for wounds. When you remove an old one, try to avoid dislodging any clot that may have formed at the base of the wound.

Shoelaces: Use as cordage where length is not an issue such as holding a splint in place. They can be used as a small snare and even as an emergency tourniquet.

Empty soda bottle: Many uses. If you cut the top and bottom off a plastic soda bottle and then cut through one side from top to bottom, you wind up with a sheet of plastic that can be used as a funnel. Intact, they make great water storage units. They can also be used as splints and as waterproof covers for bandages/wounds.

Garbage bags: These make excellent makeshift ponchos to help keep you dry; just cut a hole in the top and slip it over your head. Also, since they keep you dry, garbage bags also keep other things dry, such as first aid gear, weapons, clothing and the like. Also, they can serve as water storage units and even as makeshift field showers (just fill one, tie it to a branch and poke some very small holes in the bottom).

Condoms: These can be used to store items you want to keep dry, like matches, tinder or spare batteries.

Panty hose: These can be used to filter water, as an arm sling, or as a tourniquet. Also, they can be used to support a poncho shelter.

Bank cards: These can be used as a scraper to remove insect stingers, and also to cover a sucking chest wound (taped on three sides). Cut into strips, they make excellent finger splints.

Petroleum jelly: This serves a the base for a great fire-starter, if you coat some cotton balls with it. Also, use to coat garden tools, to prevent rust, and use it to prevent chafing and to waterproof footwear.

Duct tape: This is obvious; duct tape can bind just about anything, from fastening splints to fixing windows. Also of note: Put the sticky side of two lengths together in order to form an incredibly strong “fabric” that has scores of uses.

Bandanas: Several uses: Face cover as wind/dust mask, water filter, sling, bandages, rip up to use a trail markers, rip up to secure a splint, and as a tourniquet are just a few.

Coffee filters: Water filters, of course, but also makeshift toilet paper and even tinder for a fire.

Eyeglasses: The lens’ can be used as a sort of magnifying glass to start fires.

Paper clips: An improvised fishing hook or use to open iPhones and other devices, or clear jams.


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