Al Qaeda may be sick enough to target U.S. business elites, but it’s the Obama administration we should be more worried about

Thursday, May 19, 2016 by

( In case you missed it, al Qaeda’s online magazine published what essentially amounted to a threat to major U.S. businesspersons recently.

As reported by the Washington Times, the magazine, called “Inspire,” called on jihadists in the U.S. (!) to harm our economy by killing business leaders and entrepreneurs in their homes. Articles in the May 14th edition also urged radical Islamic terrorists to emulate the Palestinian street-killings of Jews by walking up to Americans and stabbing them to death.

The magazine’s cover carries the headline, “Professional Assassinations,” with this subhead: “Home Assassinations.” It further depicts a hooded killer stalking a victim who lives in an upscale U.S. home. And a phone montage shows Microsoft founder Bill Gates, a pistol, and spattered blood. Nice.

“The kill list represents a different kind of target compared with the ultraviolent Islamic State, which has urged the killings of U.S. military personnel via assassination. Both Sunni extremist groups advocate mass killings,” the Times reported.

Obviously such threats should not be discounted; in this day and age, Americans should brace themselves for just about anything.

Which brings us to this point: “Anything” doesn’t just mean potential threats from terrorist jihadis. It also means threats from our own government and, specifically, our current president.

Barack Obama has done more to divide the American people – along religious, socioeconomic and racial/ethnic lines – than perhaps any president before him, save for Lincoln (and we know what happened when he was elected).

For all the world, it sure looks like another civil conflict is exactly what Obama wants. He has dedicated his entire presidency to destroying one American institution after another. When he hasn’t gotten his way legislatively, he imposed his will via executive fiat. And when courts have pushed back he has simply ignored them. Through it all a hapless GOP-led Congress – compromised by special interests and hamstrung with fear of a mainstream media most Americans have long since shunned – has done nothing but accommodate him or, worse, let him get by with abusing his authority.

Even now when he is just months away from [thankfully] leaving office, Obama continues to push traditional America, poking his finger in our eyes with threats to withhold funding that we provided out of our paychecks for public schools whose parents and state lawmakers understand that biological boys and girls should not pee and shower together.


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This after he’s neutered and demoralized the military with massive troop cuts and orders to allow open service of gays, lesbians and transgendered troops; ruined our healthcare system with Obamacare; destroyed the cheap coal industry; burdened the private sector with so many regulations that we now have near-zero economic growth; hooked more of our citizens on welfare and disability; and alienated Christians in their own country.

Why would Obama do all of this, except to create as much hate, distrust and chaos as possible – all while pretending to be the ‘unity’ president?

Because that’s what revolutionaries do. It’s how they get their revolutions started.

Obama understands he’s got just a few months left to “fundamentally transform” our country from a constitutional republic into some hybrid form of communist/socialist/Marxist “utopia” that will come to resemble Venezuela on steroids in short order, but with people like him in charge.

Only someone who truly hates our way of life, our country, our history and our place in the world would commit to its destruction. And there can be little doubt that Obama is committed to just that; time and again he has shown his contempt for America by deferring to and supporting America’s enemies.

The next several months will be interesting, indeed, but not in an entertaining way. Many of us truly believe we may be on the precipice of another civil war, and that is not a prospect that should be favored by anyone. If you want to know how it will ultimately turn out, you need not look any further than the death and destruction wrought by civil conflict in Syria over the past five years.

That said, many also believe Obama is intentionally trying to provoke some sort of armed civil action in America before he leaves office, either so he can remain in office under some sort of bogus emergency edict (remember, though, we still had elections during our own Civil War) or ensure that someone like him will relieve him in the Oval Office, to carry on the work that he has begun. Some are ready for that – or think they are.

No matter how much we want to resist lashing out, however, the anger and frustration will become too much to bear at some point. When that will be is anyone’s guess, but clearly Obama is pushing the envelope in hopes that it will be sooner rather than later.

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