Don’t make these 5 bug-out bag mistakes

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( Living in the city can be difficult enough in good times, but should the need arise for you to have to get out quickly, you’re going to want to plan ahead for that.

Planning should include some sort of “bug-out bag” – that is, a rucksack, knapsack, backpack or other portable storage device filled with items you’re going to need most in an emergency. Remember: Bug-out bags should be filled with items you need in order to survive, not items you may want but which won’t help you stay alive and well.

What your particular bug-out bag will consist of may not be what others put in theirs; that’s a given (maybe, for instance, you take a prescription medicine or you sunburn easily). So while there are few hard and fast “rules” for assembling a bug-out bag, there are certainly some mistakes you’ll want to avoid.

Here are five (h/t Urban Survival Site):

1. Don’t make yourself look too militaristic; this could cause you to stand out and actually make you more of a target for the anarchist masses that will be prowling in search of threats to eliminate.

2. Do you even know where you’re going once you decide to bug out? You should know ahead of time so you don’t waste energy, resources and effort simply wandering about aimlessly. You’re going to have to be on the lookout as it is, so you’ll need to “move with a purpose,” as the old drill sergeant used to say.

3. Make sure you have given some thought to your first aid kit. It should be more than just bandages. We’ll cover this in a future article.

4. Your bug-out bag ought to be comprehensive enough to get you by for a period of time (until, presumably, you can make it to your pre-selected destination) but not heavy enough (meaning containing too much stuff) that you can’t carry it comfortably for hours at a time (and you should definitely be practicing hiking with your bug-out bag).

5. Not testing your gear ahead of time (including the bag itself). Not every bug-out bag is made equally. While we don’t want you standing out like a storm trooper, military-grade equipment is generally very durable and functional.

Here’s a video you should watch to get a better idea:

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