These 10 items are cheap now but they will be invaluable after SHTF

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( While it is true that a lot of survival gear can be expensive, there are some items now – like toilet paper – that are extremely affordable, but which will become invaluable once stuff hits the fan and chaos ensues.

And that’s just the beginning, as noted by Urban Survival Site. There are literally dozens of items that are not expensive now but will be later, and so, when thinking about prepping, these are certainly items you’ll want to stock up on now, while you can. Besides having them on hand for your own use, many of these items can be used for bartering purposes (since money – “currency” – as it now exists may go from valuable to worthless, just the opposite of the following store items).

Now, for a partial list:

1. Toilet paper, as mentioned above, is pretty self-explanatory, unless you like to wipe with leaves or whatever else you can find growing (or laying around).

2. Hand sanitizer is also useful when water is in short supply and you need to keep your hands clean. And personal hygiene will definitely be important (as well as hard to maintain).

3. Soap is so cheap today that we tend to take it for granted. But imagine when it’s gone, people will miss it badly. It is crucial to maintain cleanliness after a disaster to keep diseases from spreading.

4. Small lighters will be useful as well as an excellent barter item. Buy them in bulk and keep them around, as they don’t “go bad.”

5. Have little use for aspirin/Tylenol/ibuprofen? You will – for it will become a lifesaving drug after chaos strikes. Stockpile now while it’s affordable and plentiful.

6. Kleenex/tissue will be handy as well. You might think you can just use your toilet paper to blow your nose, but again, you’ll want to keep that for very specific duty, so to speak.

7. If you don’t take a daily multi-vitamin, you should, because most of us don’t get our daily dose of necessary vitamins and minerals in the foods we eat. Having a multi-vitamin a day once the SHTF will keep your immune system strong and help prevent even minor ailments (like colds and flu) that can turn into major health problems when chaos strikes.

8. You may not smoke cigarettes, but boy, people who do will miss them terribly, so keep some on hand for barter (though cigarettes are sure not getting any less expensive).

9. Spare ammo – is there such a thing? Yes, there is, if you have a caliber for which you have no weapon. Keep this ammo on hand for barter as well; you can trade one caliber for another or ammo for food, medicine, etc.

10. Liquor is also a good bartering item; cheap wine, small half-pint bottles of the “hard stuff,” etc., will come in very handy.

There are many more items that are cheap now but will become irreplaceable and invaluable later. They include OTC medications for allergies, aches and pains and whatnot, as well as shoestrings, toothpaste and a toothbrush, fishing line and many others.

Here’s a great video on things that you can buy cheaply that will come in handy later:

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