5 discreet ‘weapons’ you can carry with you almost anywhere

Thursday, November 19, 2015 by

(Bugout.news) While we’d all like to fully utilize our Second Amendment right to carry a firearm no matter where we go, the reality is that there are numerous restrictions on our right to keep and bear arms.

But even though we can’t take concealed weapons everywhere, there are alternatives, and this post examines five of the most common, yet discreet, objects that can be turned into weapons should the need arise for you to have to defend yourself.

In no particular order:

— Newspaper/magazine: Yes, you read that correctly, a rolled up newspaper or magazine can certain suffice as a quick makeshift weapon. The key is to ensure that you roll it up tightly and hold it in the right spot. Rolling it towards the fold means the pages would layer out so it will hold up better. You can also pre-roll a newspaper or magazine and keep it even tighter with rubber bands, though that might make it less discreet. See the video below:


— Small flashlights: These can readily be transformed into a gouging or striking weapon. Also, some mini-flashlights are being purposely designed to double as weapons (which has led some places like courthouses and some businesses to ban them, as well). But if you pick up a mini-light that is sturdy (preferably made of metal) you can definitely inflict some pain on an attacker. The best ones will fit in your pocket but be long enough to extend out both sides of your clenched fist.

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— Cane/umbrella: These might be the most effective of all makeshift weapons on this list. Canes are generally very sturdy and while they aren’t carried by many these days, they also aren’t so odd that they make people question why you might have one.

Umbrellas can be tricky; many of them are flimsy and tend to open up if jostled too much. But one, models like the U-115 work much more effectively as weapons, yet won’t typically be viewed as one. Drawback: If it’s not raining, you might look a bit out of place carrying an umbrella around. Still, most people might double-take when they walk past you but they aren’t going to ask you about your umbrella in any suspicious manner.

— Belt: A belt can be a very effective personal defense tool. The key is to find a belt (and pair of pants) that will enable you to pull the belt off quickly if you need to (and without our pants dropping to your ankles!).

— Pens: A good, sturdy pen makes an awesome weapon in a pinch. In fact, many people carry so-called tactical “survival” pens as part of their standard carry gear. But really, any pen can be used as a personal defense weapon; you really just need one that protrudes out of your clenched fist on one end about 2 inches or so. Check out the video below for a demo:


Granted, some of these items won’t work in certain situations, but think “diversity” when preparing to venture out – that is, try to have a couple of these items with you at all times, so that you’ll have something with which to defend yourself when you have to leave your firearm behind.

H/T: Gray Wolf Survival

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