Building an observation and fighting pit/shelter

Tuesday, December 29, 2015 by

( If you have set up a camp or have established a bugout position in a remote area following a major disaster or other SHTF event, you’re likely going to have to scout your area frequently, to ensure that people with bad intentions don’t surprise you.

If the disaster lasts for days or weeks, it’s going to be much more likely that you’ll encounter people from surrounding areas as they search for food, water, shelter and other survivors. You might even encounter large numbers of people traveling in a group that you’ll want to keep under observation.

An observation pit/fighting hole located in the proper area will give you wide points of view in all directions, and with great concealment, so you can see who is approaching your camp or bugout location long before they see you. But these take some time to construct so you’ll want to get started on them fairly quickly.

There are some basics that will help you not only construct a viable observation pit but one that will survive the elements should the weather turn bad. In the video below, you’ll learn:

— How to select your position

— The dimensions of your observation/fighting position and how to measure them

— The equipment you’ll need to dig your position

— How to deal with water buildup

— How to utilize the dirt from the hole

— How to conceal the observation/fighting hole

Grab a notepad and watch the following short presentation. H/T Corporal’s Corner.

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