Make it a point in the New Year to get fit and improve your survival chances

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( One of the most important facets of prepping is personal fitness, and yet it is often one of the most overlooked or most postponed aspect of your prepper/survivalist training. Make a New Year’s commitment to get fit and in doing so dramatically improve your chances of surviving any emergency or SHTF scenario.

Now, when we say “get fit,” that doesn’t mean you have to be able to bench press 500 pounds or run a marathon. Actually, what we’re shooting for is somewhere in between. You will need a certain amount of strength in order to make your way in a collapsed world, but you’ll also need stamina and so your physical training should focus on both.

That said, probably the most important aspect of physical preparation is boosting your cardiovascular capabilities and stamina. In a survival situation, you’ll most likely need to move a lot, and sometimes very quickly and for some distance, in order to escape danger, patrol your bugout area or retrieve food and supplies.

Now, you can join a gym if you want to and there’s nothing wrong with that, but there is also plenty you can do in the comfort of your own home. Either way, your goal should be to boost your fitness.

Remember, in a bugout situation you’re going to have equipment to carry – a bugout bag, possibly a weapon and ammunition, and other gear. You’ll be traveling some distance, likely much of it on foot. You’ll have to endure inclement weather; it’ll probably be very hot or very cold. There could be rain or snow. And there will always be the danger of running into some people with ill-intent (more on that another time).

So, what sort of exercises and fitness training is best? That, too, depends a lot on you – your current level of fitness, any physical limitations or medical conditions you may have, what your doctor says about you starting a fitness program (and you definitely should consult your health care provider first), and so on.

But a good basic workout plan will incorporate the entire body, be challenging enough to increase your heart rate (stamina) and build lean muscle (strength).

The video below by fitness guru Neila Rey will get you started. Regular visits to her web site ( or a follow on Google+ will get you access to new workouts, which she is constantly creating and updating. She and DIYActive have created a host of different workout routines that focus on cardio, strength or both, all of which you can do at home and with minimal or no equipment.

Another fitness tip: Beyond the basics, you’ll want to actually get outdoors with your gear, and especially your bugout bag, and hike with it. Start slow and low, then gradually work your way up to hiking greater distances, and in all kinds of weather.

Meantime, get changed into some exercise clothing, clear some space in your living room and get to work:

H/T: DIYActive and Darebee


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