Two dozen great bartering items to have when society comes tumbling down

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( Lots of folks who live a rural life know what “bartering” is because they’ve done it most of there lives. They know the value of bartering – that is, the exchanging of items, goods and services in lieu of cash purchasing – as a means of obtaining what they need.

In a SHTF scenario, when the banks and ATMs and the debit cards are all rendered useless, there will be some exchange of cash most likely, but tens of millions of Americans will be left without any way to “pay” for food, water, clothing and other basic survival necessities. When that happens, bartering will become invaluable.

Now, how you assign “value” to a particular item will be up to you and the person with whom you are bartering; that value will be primarily based upon how badly you need what the other person has and how badly they need what you have. Bartering has to be mutually beneficial or it’s not likely to be successful.

How do you barter with success? Well, you’ve got to have skills or items that other people want or are likely to want when the system comes crashing down. One example of a barter might be this: Say you’re good at construction and a neighbor who has the materials for a project is not – you would offer your building skills in exchange for something you need that the neighbor has (and is willing to part with).

With that in mind, the following is a list of 24 items that will definitely come in handy as bartering goods:

1. Skills: As mentioned above, anyone with a practical skill – a builder, a plumber, a welder, an automobile mechanic, etc. – has something to barter with. If you’re not particularly skilled at anything, it wouldn’t hurt to actually learn a practical skill now, which you can later use to barter with. And get the word out among your friends and neighbors; let them know what you can do and that you’d be willing to offer up your skill in exchange for their skill or something they have that you need.

2. Water purification equipment

3. Hand tools – hatchets, hoes, saws, screwdrivers, power tools, etc.

4. Supplies to make fires – fireproof matches, starter logs, kindling, firestarter kits, disposable lighters, etc.

5. Personal hygiene supplies – toilet paper, feminine products, etc.

6. Ammunition (this will be in high demand) – get some of the more common calibers like 7.62, .223, 9 mm, 40 mm, 45 mm

7. Liquor (another item that will be in high demand) – small half-pint bottles of gin, whiskey, vodka, etc. Wine will also work; you can buy this by the case

8. Over-the-counter medications – aspirin/Tylenol/ibuprofen (for adults AND children), allergy medication, treatment for heartburn, antibiotic ointment, sunburn spray, cough syrup, chigger/tick creme, etc.

9. Gasoline/fuel – this includes two- and four-cycle oils for small engines, kerosene, etc.

10. Coffee and tea – instant works as well

11. Paracord – because, why wouldn’t you have some extra?

12. Solar battery charger and batteries

13. Regular batteries – AA, AAA, 9V

14. Condoms – you’ll be surprised at how popular these will be

15. Duct tape

16. Plastic sheeting – several rolls

17. Heavy socks

18. Fishing supplies – hooks, line and sinkers

19. Cooking spices – after eating bland, tasteless long-storage foods, spices will certainly be in high demand (salt, pepper, seasoned salt, onion powder, garlic powder/salt, etc.)

20. Toiletries – toothpaste, toothbrushes, floss, shampoo, bars of soap, etc. (Tip: save those small sample-sized containers you can get when you stay at a hotel/motel)

21. Cigarettes

22. Entertainment items – card games, board games, etc.

23. Disposable hand and foot warmers

24. Pens, pencils and paper

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