The rising criminal gang threat from south of the border will impact U.S. communities

Monday, February 29, 2016 by

( There are plenty of things wrong with President Obama’s intentional disregard for the nation’s immigration laws, especially in the age of international terrorism. But there is another, more pressing problem that threatens American security: The growing number of criminal gangs from Central and South America, many of whose members are making their way north to do business.

Worse, if you think any country south of the border is in any position to do much about them, think again.

First, a little background.

Our problem with illegal immigration is nothing new, but Obama – after winning reelection in 2012 and after promising not to do so – changed the paradigm at the border when he [unconstitutionally] issued executive orders thwarting federal immigration statutes that called for immediate deportation of most aliens caught on the border. When he did that, it sent a signal to the oppressed in Central and South America that if they could run, walk or crawl into the United States, they’d get to stay.

What does that have to do with criminal gangs? Simple. People are flocking into the U.S. because these gangs are proliferating south of the border and the governments in these countries are too weak and corrupt to oppose them. The police are corrupt, the courts are corrupt, and any public official who stands against the drug and human trafficking, especially, is eliminated. Mexico is the largest narco-state of them all, which is how so many “migrants” are able to get through to the U.S. If Mexico was in this with the U.S., then they’d beef up their border presence along their southern and northern boundaries.

As the Council on Foreign Relations notes:

El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras consistently rank among the most violent countries in the world. Gang-related violence in El Salvador brought its homicide rate to ninety per hundred thousand in 2015, making it the most world’s most violent country not at war. All three countries have significantly higher homicide rates than neighboring Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and Panama.

Extortion is also rampant. A July 2015 investigation by Honduran newspaper La Prensa found that Salvadorans and Hondurans pay an estimated $390 million and $200 million, respectively, in annual extortion fees to organized crime groups; meanwhile, Guatemalan authorities said in 2014 that citizens pay an estimated $61 million a year in extortion fees. Extortionists primarily target public transportation operators, small businesses, and residents of poor neighborhoods, according to the report, and attacks on people who do not pay contributes to the violence. Guatemala’s transportation sector has been hit especially hard: In 2014, more than four hundred transportation workers were killed, and authorities linked most of those cases to extortion.

Proliferation of gangs and the region serving as a transshipment destination for U.S.-bound drugs are the two most common factors leading to the violence. “MS-13 and M-18, the region’s largest gangs, may have as many as eighty-five thousand members combined (PDF),” CFR reported.

What’s more, this border invasion is coming at a time when the Obama regime – again, intentionally – has reduced Border Patrol presence along the U.S.-Mexico boundary.

Next up: The criminal gang invasion. Because when there is little-to-no risk in trafficking their “product” across the border, the chances are real good that importation efforts will increase. And once the product gets to America, it is distributed throughout the country by “distributors” who work for the gangs.

Latin America is already one of the most violent places on earth, if not the most violent. Is America set to become just as violent? We will if we continue to import the world’s problem children, so to speak.

Of all the presidential contenders one has pledged to end this nightmare. Americans are banking that real estate mogul Donald Trump will stand true to his word to erect a border fence along the boundary with Mexico and deport those who are in the country illegally. That single issue propelled him to the top of the Republican field immediately after he declared his candidacy; in fact, curbing illegal immigration was his opening salvo. We’re not telling you who to vote for or even who we support but these are facts. And if he wins the White House, believe us, the American people will hold him to his word.

In the meantime, be prepared for the influx of dangerous criminals and drug pushers from south of the border, because if things stay the same and border security continues to be lax, they’re coming – and soon – to a neighborhood near you, especially if Latin America begins to experience it’s own Arab Spring-like transformation and disintegration. is part of the USA Features Media network of sites.


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