Are we, as a country, even capable of unifying at this point?

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( As many of you know, things are getting nasty on the presidential trail for the remaining few candidates, with attacks, threats of more attacks and disruptions, and pledges by supporters to protect their candidates with force, if necessary. While raucous confrontation between supporters of rival candidates is nothing new in our political discourse, the rise in violence – and the fomenting of more violence by outside forces – certainly is rising, which begs the question: Are we seeing the beginning of the end of the American experiment?

In recent days GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump was prevented from holding a campaign event at the University of Illinois due to violence inside the hall where he was to speak. Fearing that an actual appearance would fuel even more violent confrontation between his supporters and the many protestors and detractors who showed up as well, Trump decided that retreat was the better part of valor and canceled the event.

The next day, in Dayton, Ohio, a detractor actually charged the stage where Trump was speaking, causing Secret Service to react and officers to brusquely drag the protestor from the scene. Later reports noted that the Dayton would-be attacker actually planned his actions in advance.

Speaking of planned in advance, Trump accused some of those who disrupted his Illinois event of being paid to do so, a charge many of his opponents dismissed. But it turns out he was probably right.

In addition, as reported by the Washington Times, Left-wing extremists like billionaire George Soros are behind organized efforts to disrupt Trump and derail his campaign. Via, a famously Leftist organization that is raising funds off of disrupting Trump events, is also pledging more disruptions at upcoming events. Seems like the Left, once again, wants to shut down any political speech it does not agree with, even if that means violence.

In response, a group – the Lion’s Guard – was launched, briefly, on Twitter, with the stated goal of “protecting the safety and security of innocent, peaceful Trump supporters from violent Far-Left agitators.” However, the owner of the account shut it down just hours later, after someone sent him a picture of his child’s school front with a message: “I’m coming for him,” reported.

While there may no longer be a Twitter or social media presence for such groups, it can no longer be argued that a growing segment of the population – on both sides of the political spectrum – are fed up with their opposition, to the point where they are increasing ready to use violence to get their way and silence those who don’t agree with them.

What’s more, this is only going to get worse as the political cycle continues and candidates are narrowed down. If Trump becomes the Republican nominee, as looks increasingly likely, who knows how much violence his detractors are prepared to launch throughout a long, hot summer, or what his supporters are prepared to do if he continues to be harassed [for the record, Trump has already called for having protestors who disrupt his events arrested and prosecuted, something that will further embolden his base while further angering his opponents).

Some older Americans who lived through the turmoil and tumultuousness of the 1960s say today’s political and social climate looks very similar. While the country remained intact, it certainly tore at itself as agitators – then as now – sought to exploit divisions for personal political gain and empowerment.

Trouble is, a civilized society can only remain civilized for so long after it becomes too polarized to reconcile. Have we reached that point?

We did once before in our history, over the issue of slavery, and after a certain presidential candidate was elected, you will recall. Much of today’s unrest has a racial undertone to it, though, of course, that is by design. Are we destined to repeat our history? Are we that irreconcilable?

No one can see the future, of course, but the next president, whomever he or she is, has a tall order: Unify the nation with a solid majority or risk watching it dissolve completely. is part of the USA Features Media network of sites.


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