The real Obama legacy: Toxic race relations, fear, social unrest, and collapse of the system

Monday, April 11, 2016 by

( As we reported last month, there is a massive wave of unrest that will be unleashed over the long, hot summer, as radicals associated with BlackLivesMatter and other extremist organizations funded by billionaire Leftists like George Soros prepare to hijack the political process and bring chaos this year’s presidential race.

Sitting in their ivory towers protected by guards, gates and guns while pulling all the levers of power, sycophants like Soros and his presidential bud, Barack Obama, are taking delight in seeing the country tear itself apart, its cities burn, and its people reaching for each other’s throats.

Far from the icon of unity and “hope,” Obama’s real legacy has turned out to be one of racial distrust, hatred, fear, loathing and now, flight of wealth. As reported by the Chicago Tribune, millionaires in droves are fleeing Obama’s hometown of Chicago, the murder capital of the United States, namely out of fear that their international city is about to tear itself to shreds, thanks in large part to the civil unrest that Obama and Co. are fomenting.

It’s understandable that people of means would get jittery when they sense that the social fabric surrounding them is unraveling. The vast majority of people with money worked hard to earn it, despite what Obama and his Left-wing radicals say, so I get why they’d want to do everything they could to protect it. What’s different now is that people of means feel the situation is getting serious enough they are taking extra measures to protect their wealth and themselves because they’ve been demonized for the past seven-and-a-half years by the biggest social rabble-rouser since Vlad Lenin.

Besides physically moving, the wealthy are also taking extra security measures such as installing breach-proof safe rooms, out of fear they’ll be overrun by angry masses who have been propagandized to hate people of wealth by, ironically, people of bigger wealth.

“The world is a very scary place right now, especially for people of means; they feel cornered and threatened,” Tom Gaffney, the president of Gaffco Ballistics, a company which installs safe rooms in New York City, told The New York Times.

In fact, there is global fear of unrest as well as a growing sense that another great-power conflict is brewing as well, leading many of the global elite to purchase property in remote locations like New Zealand, according to reports that emerged out of last year’s Davos Economic Forum.

Economist Robert Johnson said the rich were making such purchases “because they think they need a getaway” from Ferguson-style riots that will erupt as a result of widening wealth inequality, which it at its worse in virtually all developed countries since the 1980s, reported.

While none of this bodes well for the average Joe or Jane, what’s equally true is that this unrest is being fomented intentionally by a man who never passes up an opportunity to stir up racial tensions and ramp up class warfare.

It should be obvious to all but the most partisan liberal that Obama’s promise to “fundamentally transform” our nation in every imaginable way is the only one he’s kept, because he sure didn’t keep that promise to bring us all together. As he winds up his two terms in office, we hate each other more and are less tolerant of each other’s opinions; we are much more racially divided; and we are much more suspicious and distrustful of “the other side” than at any time since the Civil War – and for nothing nearly as noble as ending forced servitude.

This is Obama’s real legacy, and he’s had plenty of help along the way establishing it. Why the political Left so hates their own country they are willing to watch it burn down is something I’ll never understand, but if we don’t find a way to pull together – or defeat the Leftist anarchists – that is precisely what will happen.

And this grand, wonderful experiment in self-government and liberty will end – badly – much to the delight of haters and tyrants around the world.

We should work together to avoid this outcome, but at the same time there is no sense being stupid or blind to reality, and that is this: We face powerful destructive forces, up to and including our own president, and they mean to do our culture and our society harm.

Pray for peace if that is something you do, or make your peace with whomever you feel you need to, but above all, prepare yourself and your family for dark days ahead, because they are surely coming if the Leftist enemies of political stability and order get their way. is part of the USA Features Media network.


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