The destruction of our legal and political system is complete and change will only come if states stand up

Monday, July 11, 2016 by

( Fallout – if you want to call it that – from the pathetic exoneration of Democratic presidential nominee-in-waiting Hillary Clinton by FBI Director James Comey, once believed by many to be an honorable man among scumbags and political opportunists in the sewer that is Washington, D.C., will continue for another couple of days.

And then it will stop. But nothing will have changed, Clinton will likely go on to win the presidency in November, and the corruption of our republic, along with the subjugation of all Americans, will be complete.

If by now you still believe there is a functioning “system” resembling anything like the founding fathers envisioned for our country, quite frankly you’re just not being serious. The Clinton circus was just the latest, albeit the most in your face example, to come down the pipe, and it shows how far the cabal of ruling elite have come in completely subjugating the U.S. political process, a major prize a century in the making.

For whatever reason and whatever his motives, Comey’s refusal to recommend an indictment of Clinton’s obvious malfeasance – criminal activities he actually laid out in his statement to the press this week – is the formal establishment of a two-tiered legal system in a country where the law is supposed to be blind: The elites and the plebes are now officially being held to two different standards.

What is equally as disdainful as Clinton’s exoneration is the political charade that played out in the lead-up to Comey’s statement, a timeline that reeks of corruption not coincidence. In the days prior to the FBI director’s press conference:

— Attorney General Loretta Lynch “just happens” to meet former President Bill Clinton, the husband of someone the Justice Department has under criminal investigation, on an airport tarmac in Arizona. Oops, right? [Question for the press: Why haven’t you dogged Bill Clinton and asked him about the ‘chance’ meeting?]

— Realizing that, gosh, she made a mistake, Lynch – in a noble gesture – says she will sort of recuse herself, but not really, but will accept whatever recommendation the FBI makes regarding Hillary’s fate.

— President Obama, who, gee, you know, is aloof from this process and just has no idea what’s going on with the investigation (after saying for months Clinton did nothing wrong) announces he’ll be campaigning with her and will even give her a lift aboard Air Force One to a campaign event – something no president would ever do if he knew (or even suspected) that an indictment of his campaign partner were on the way.

— Comey then steps up to the mike to play his part, recommending no charges in a case that is about as slam-dunk as it gets.

And now we’re all just supposed to accept it, move on, pay our taxes and be damned sure that we don’t screw up or we’ll be nailed to a wall or thrown in some dank hole somewhere.

Our founding fathers aren’t rolling over in their graves. They are likely pounding to get out.

We, the American people at large, are to largely blame for this. For decades we have sat idly by watching our political system be hijacked by the sleaziest, nastiest, most dishonest people our country could vomit up and, instead of throwing them out on their rear ends, we kept electing them over and over and over again until now they are about as entrenched as a tick on a dog’s bum. They are owned in whole or in part by selfish outside interests who have no allegiance to We the People or even to the country. Even a member of Congress has said as much.

How long will Americans tolerate this? Indefinitely? The elites seem to think so, otherwise they wouldn’t keep pushing us and blatantly violate our trust.

At some point states are going to have to take matters into their own hands. It’s obvious “change” isn’t possible regardless of who we elect as president. And both parties in Congress seem equally feckless and corrupt. If there is to be political revolution, it will have to begin in statehouses and legislatures all around the country.

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