Nice attack on a ‘soft target’ celebration proves we MUST be vigilant and shun the PC crowd

Monday, July 18, 2016 by

( We all watched in horror last week as, once again, another Islamic extremist killed scores of people in Nice, France, by running them over with a large cargo truck.

That France has suffered so many attacks over the past year is the result of one thing: Political paralysis due to political correctness. Because the French could not say no to admitting millions of people who adhere to a faith that is not conducive with Western values of democracy and freedom, that country is now reaping what it has sown.

But that is Paris’ problem. We all feel for the French people, no doubt, but they’ve got to figure out what is more important to them – the survival of their nation, or the desire not to offend the very people who are targeting and killing them.

That said, the terrorism threat is not just limited to France. As we have seen, it is prevalent throughout the Western world, and that includes our own country, the United States. Nor is the threat to our safety posed by political correctness.

We can debate the fallacy and lunacy of PC in our country and we should. It has no place in the realm of national security because that is an issue that demands sanity and rashness, two qualities that are completely absent in the PC mind.

But in the meantime we also have to face the fact that regardless of what the PC crowd thinks or says, we are at war with an ideology – not a war of our choosing but of theirs. And as the Nice attack proves, we are not safe anywhere.

Reports have said that the Muslim driver of the truck in France was also armed and that he fired on police. Reports said that there were explosives and other weapons in the cargo bay of the large truck he was driving.

But those were not his primary weapons. The truck was. Driving at around 40 miles per hour, he mowed down hundreds of people who were celebrating Bastille Day (the French version of our Fourth of July) on the French Riviera. The very last thing those people were thinking – or expecting – was an attack, especially one of this nature.

Since we’re not likely to hear calls to ban “assault vehicles” anytime soon, their are two lessons to glean from the Nice attack.

The first lesson we must learn is that ISIS and its surrogates around the world will use any means available to kill us. And they are willing to kill us anywhere, especially when we are at our most vulnerable.

That gives ISIS operatives a distinct advantage over the rest of us, obviously.

This means we simply have to become more vigilant, which brings us to the second lesson we must learn: We have to be willing to look askance at the PC police and report suspicious things to the proper authorities when we see them. And we have to be aware of our surroundings, at all times, wherever we go.

That’s not easy to do. It’s human nature to become distracted, to want to enjoy ourselves at functions, to want to celebrate holidays and to coke and joke with our friends at the sports bar or nightclub.

And granted, no one likes to be called a racist or bigot.

But the Nice attack proves we are beyond all of that because frankly, being more concerned about being labeled by idiot who doesn’t know you can someday get you killed. We saw that in our own country in San Bernardino, where neighbors of the two jihadists who wound up killing 14 and wounding several others were afraid to tell authorities because…racism. That’s just crazy.

We are under attack, folks. We are being targeted by the most intolerant ideology on the planet, and we have to be prepared to defend ourselves – anytime, any place, anywhere. Times have changed and this is going to be the most unconventional war in the history of the world. But it is one that needs to be fought.

And that starts with vigilance. If that’s too PC for someone else to handle, that’s their problem. We should not let them get us killed.

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