George Soros’ attempt to start a Left-wing revolution will end badly when patriots step up to defend liberty

Monday, November 14, 2016 by

( The perpetually angry Left is continuing to whine, cry and protest President-elect Donald Trump’s amazing victory over the most criminal candidate ever to run for the office, the now-irrelevant Hillary Clinton. To be honest, this was predicted; to the Left, nothing is ‘legitimate’ unless they say it is.

If you visited the Drudge Report on Sunday, you saw that he posted a photo of a “demonstration” by a bunch of brainwashed juvenile delinquents wearing shirts containing expletives towards the president-elect while burning an effigy of him (imagine, for a moment, if any white people had burned an effigy of Obama when he won twice, or Clinton if she had one).

Are these eventually going to just peter out like all of the other Left-wing anger-fests?

Probably not. That’s because these protests and demonstrations are being fed and financed by puppet master Leftist George Soros, who – for some baffling reason – has long sought to destroy the very country that made him his fortune, replacing it with something that resembles every single failed socialist/communist state ever.

Much of this continued unrest is being fomented by Soros-controlled media, of which he has many irons in the fire. And what outlets aren’t controlled or financed by him are also hooting and hollering for more protests, justifying them as necessary because, you know, Trump is Trump. And he deserves it. The pop culture led by the insane lefties in Hollywood, each of whom thinks they’re political experts, is also all-in for the same kind of protests against Trump they would never tolerate if Clinton had pulled off a victory.

At some point, one of these protests will cross a line. One too many an innocent bystander will be beaten, shot or killed. The Left doesn’t know when to quit; it will keep pushing and pushing until one of two things happens: A vast majority of Americans finally push the Trump administration to act, to protect innocent people from being harmed by thugs; or groups of patriotic Americans will take matters into their own hands.

If the wrong Left-wing crowd attacks the wrong person at the wrong time, it’s very likely the latter option will occur before the former.

That may be what Soros and the other Leftist puppet masters want. There’s no question they would turn to their propaganda wing – otherwise known as the mainstream media – to make it look like the patriot groups are the aggressors, attacking and hurting “innocent protesters” who “have a constitutional right to assemble and protest.”

Of course they do; but they don’t have a right to harm other people in pursuit of their political goals. And right now it’s Trump supporters who are being attacked and beaten, much as the MSM and Leftist puppet masters want to cover that up (here, here, here, and here, for starters).

That will only last for so long. If local law enforcement and/or the federal government doesn’t step in and put an end to this terrorism – and that’s what it is, domestic terrorism – then patriotic Americans will step up and take whatever measures are necessary to protect themselves, their families and their communities.

Then the proverbial stuff will really hit the fan. Because the fact is, there are far more armed patriotic Americans willing to fight for their right to not be abused and terrorized then there are brainwashed Leftist rent-a-mobs. The big revolution that Soros & Co. are attempting to foment will backfire on them – badly.

The fact is, when you’re aiding and abetting unlawful activity – which is what Soros is doing when he gives funds to groups that actually hire thugs to disrupt and injure and beat people – you are just as liable, legally. Maybe someone should send a note to Trump’s choice for attorney general.

That may help avoid a blood bath that is surely coming if the angry Left doesn’t get a grip, get ahold of itself and get used to the idea that Trump will be sworn in as president Jan. 20.


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