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Bug-out bike: Here’s why it’s an option to consider

Sunday, July 28, 2019 by

A bicycle may not seem like the best option for a bug-out vehicle. Cars and trucks are better suited for long trips over considerable distances at high speeds. But bikes enjoy many strong points and advantages over other ground vehicles when it comes to bugging out during SHTF scenarios.

A bike has access to far more paths than larger ground vehicles. The size of a car or a truck limits the routes available.

Meanwhile, a bike may move in and out of traffic jams and circle around roadblocks. Bikers may also take detours down sidewalks and tight alleyways, or leave the road entirely and make their way through the wilderness.

A bicycle makes much less noise than a car. It will take the prepper to his destination without revealing his presence to other people. Riding a quiet bike makes it possible for a prepper to avoid potential hostiles and confrontation.

Bugging out on a bike is faster than doing so on foot. The shorter the travel time to the bug-out location, the fewer supplies a prepper needs to bring with him and the lower the risk of running out of necessities. (Related: A basic list of winter survival items you should carry in your car.)

Bikes are faster than walking, don’t need fuel and are EMP-proof

Riding a bike is not only faster than bugging out on foot, but it also lets the prepper carry more supplies or even a passenger. Adding panniers, saddlebags, storage racks, or even a trailer will increase the storage capacity of a bicycle.

Likewise, installing extra seats or a passenger trailer lets a bike carry more than one person.

If a group of preppers bug out together in just one car and draw attention, they will find it difficult to shake off their pursuers. It is also next to impossible to lead the chasers away from the weaker members.

However, if each individual rode a bike, the group has a much better chance of splitting up. The most capable members may lead the pursuers in one direction while the others proceed to a safe spot.

A bike doesn’t need fuel. It does require physical fitness, but regular biking serves as good exercise. A prepper may also install an electric motor that gets recharged by pedaling to help with uphill trips.

Bikes are also immune to EMP. They do not have computers or electronic systems.

Consider using a cheap, reliable bike as a bug-out vehicle

Chances are, a prepper already owns a bike. It is also likely that the bicycle is already suitable for bugging out or may be easily modified to serve as a bug-out vehicle.

By saving on the cost of a new bicycle, a prepper may concentrate his funds and effort on upgrading his bike to carry more supplies or a passenger.

A bike is also easier to repair and maintain than a car, truck, or another ground vehicle. It has fewer and simpler parts, making it easier for a prepper to learn how to fix it.

In comparison, motor vehicles have many moving parts that may break down or wear out during a bug-out. A prepper who doesn’t know how to repair or replace those parts will need a long while to learn the mechanical skills.

When SHTF, most people will try to use ground vehicles to abandon their homes. They will leave their bicycles in garages or back yards.

A prepper who uses a bike as his bug-out vehicle will have plenty of spare parts available for his ride. In that case, he will benefit from getting the right tools for swapping out parts.

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